Do You Need Los Angeles Music Industry Connections Right Now?

“You’ll find this to be perhaps the most exciting reading you’ve done on the music business. In this manual, JaWar has sped up the learning process by writing in an easy to read Q & A format, simple to comprehend and clear in its applicability.”
Phill Rodgers
, Audiovascular Entertainment, Los Angeles

Are you looking for names, phone and fax numbers, emails, websites and physical mailing addresses to Los Angeles Music Business Professionals?

You would spend hours, days, weeks, even months going through phone books, searching the Internet, attending music conferences, talent shows, open mics, record pool meetings and music industry networking events as I had to in order to get the contacts you need in Atlanta. But doing what I have already done would waste three important resources; you’d waste…
  • YOUR TIME - something you can’t get back: priceless commodity
The Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book is a must read for anyone seeking contacts, resources and useful information for the Los Angeles Music Market for all genres of music.

  • Music Industry Connections
  • Music Managers
  • Entertainment attorneys
  • Recording studios
  • Record stores
  • Radio stations
  • Music and entertainment magazines
  • CD/DVD Manufacturers
  • Graphic artist
  • Record pool and DJ Organizations
  • Video production companies
  • Printing companies for flyers, posters and CD inserts
  • Music consultants
  • Distribution companies
  • Digital distributors
  • Music conferences
  • Photographers
  • Talent showcase and open-mic organizers
  • Music equipment and gear stores
  • Mastering facilities
  • Management organizations

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The most harmful contracts artists, producers, songwriters and bands sign are the one’s at the beginning of their careers, when they feel they can’t afford an entertainment attorney. IS THIS YOU? The worse part is these contracts tend to be the ones that have the most negative effect on your career long-term. WHAT’S THE SOLUTION? Call an L.A. Entertainment Attorney immediately. The Los Angeles Music Industry Connection has a complete listing of L.A. Music Attorneys.

Who do you call to help you protect:
Who do you call, email or write to help you with your music industry contracts?
How do you know if your band, group, stage or business name is protected?
Has someone sent you a contract or agreement to sign?
Have you been given a recording agreement?
Has someone given you a production agreement?
Has anyone asked you to sign a non-compete agreement?
Has your music publisher give you a contract to sign?
Has a talent show organizer asked you to sign papers before performing?
Has a label, manager or producer asked you to sign a work-for-hire agreement?
Did your manager ask you to sign with their management company?
Did your digital or traditional distributor ask you to sign a contract before distributing your music?
Do you need a contract or agreement written on your behalf?
Do you need a recording contract written for your independent record company?
Do you need a consignment agreement?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you need an experienced entertainment attorney.
The Los Angeles Music Industry Connection ebook by JaWar gives you a list of entertainment law firms, phone and fax numbers, emails, websites and physical mailing addresses.

Sure you could find an entertainment attorney on your own, but how long will it take you to get the most complete list of entertainment attorneys in L.A.? You would spend hours, days, weeks, even months searching for big, medium and boutique size entertainment law firms in L.A. Why wait get access right now?

Download the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection ebook by JaWar

Do you want business credit?
Do you want to take your music business to the next level?
Do you want to move from hustling to building a business?

The Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Bookby JaWar quickly gives you the information and contacts you need to build business credit, take your business to the next level and move from hustling to building a business. Below is a sample of companies that would benefit from the resources in the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book.
  • Independent (indie) Record Company or Major Label Imprint
  • Management Company
  • Recording Studio
  • Music and Entertainment Magazine(s)
  • Music Production Company
  • Video Production Company
  • Graphic Artist
  • Photography Studio
  • Record Pool or DJ Organization(s)
  • Printing Company
  • CD/CDV Manufacturer
  • Music Consultants
“To one of the hardest working publishers and consultants in the music business, I wanted to give you your accolades for going after what you want. You are an inspiration to me and so many others.” Rovella Williams, Verseus Entertainment

Do you know the SIX SECRETS for protecting yourself in the music business? The SIX SECRETS are essential for…
  • Artists
  • Songwriters
  • Music producers
  • Music publishers
  • Independent record companies
Do you know the SIX WAYS consignments can help you…
  • Increase YOUR visibility
  • Improve YOUR cash flow
  • Sell more of YOUR music
  • Grow YOUR fan base
  • Increase YOUR brand awareness
  • Gain the attention of major labels and distributors
  • Do you want to START COLLECTING ROYALTIES from YOUR music being played on…
Radio airplay
Public performance
Commercial radio airplay
College radio airplay
Community radio airplay
Satellite Radio
Digital Radio Broadcast
Internet radio airplay
Commercial jingles

Ask the right questions before going into a studio and…
  • Earn you more money per unit sold
  • Grow your fan base
  • Build your brand all while you sleep or take a vacation
You will learn tips that can boost your music industry connections, make you money and build your brand, band or business. These tips may increase your chances for…
  • Getting signed
  • Making connections
  • Networking with decision makers
  • Finding managers
  • Finding artists
JaWar, I forgot to say this earlier but may I commend you on the excellent job you're doing, marketing your book and giving information to people. It's a great thing especially in an industry where everyone tries to screw you.” Natalie G. Owens
  • Finding producers
  • Finding entertainment attorneys
  • Making deals
Do you need help with PROMOTING your MUSIC or music BUSINESS?
Are you tired of spending money you don’t have to promote your music?
Are you tired of spending money on marketing and not getting results?
Do you need a cost-effective game plan to promote your music?
Do you need a consistent formula you can duplicate in many markets?

You will read a step-by-step process on How to Market your MAJOR or INDEPENDENT RELEASE using…
  • Music retail stores
  • Night clubs
  • Colleges and universities
  • High schools
  • Coffee houses
  • Malls
  • College and community radio stations
  • College newspapers
  • High school newspapers
  • Local and regional newspapers
  • And more
Timing could be the difference between WINNING AND LOSING. Do you know when to...
  • Get a music review
  • Get a magazine interview
  • Promote a new release or single
  • Lower the sell price of your music
  • Get a manager
  • Get an entertainment attorney
  • Join a performance rights organization
  • When to register a copyright
  • Sign a split sheet
  • Submit music to commercial and college radio stations
  • Use Record Pools to Test Market Your Next Hit

Download the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection ebook by JaWar

Throughout the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book I give you details on seeking magazine interviews, radio airplay, record pools, copyright registration, finding an entertainment lawyer and music manager and lowering the price of your music.

Are you an aspiring or seasoned music manager seeking more resources? The Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book by JaWar  gives details on…
  • Management books
  • Management organizations
  • Who pays the manager
  • How does the manager get paid
  • How to find new talent
  • When a manager needs an entertainment attorney
Are You an Artist? Do You Know...
  • Six ways artist get paid
  • Selecting a manager
  • Selecting an entertainment attorney
  • Selecting a business manager
  • Selecting a road manager

Nine ways to get paid as a music producer
Five ways to market your tracks
When you read and apply the techniques mentioned in the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection you automatically IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES FOR…
  • Selling more music- we all want are music heard by more people
  • Making more money-we all want to make money from what we love to do
  • Growing your fan base-more fans means more people hear are message and we make more money
  • Getting major label attention-lets play in the big leagues
  • Getting magazine reviews-good or bad press is press that can help
  • Getting magazine interviews-you get to tell your story to new and existing fans
  • Finding an entertainment attorney-
  • Finding a manager
  • Creating wealth through music
  • Succeeding at a music conference
  • A successful live performance or talent show
  • Saving money at recording studios
Keeping the money you make as a...
  • Artist
  • Producer
  • Manager
  • Songwriter

I’ve already done the hard part. I’ve taken hours upon hours seeking relevant contacts for the Los Angeles Music Scene. I’ve done the research for you. I’ve put physical mailing addresses, emails, websites, phone and fax numbers together for Los Angeles Music Industry so you don’t have to. If you’re like me you’ve tried the phone book and gotten wrong numbers. I simply got tired and started compiling a comprehensive listing of relative contacts and now my personal contacts are available to you. Some of the biggest movers and shakers in L.A. are in my book. The Los Angeles Music Industry Connection helps you…

Reduce the time from locating music professionals in L.A.
Reduces headache's from finding industry professionals in L.A.
Save money from driving all over town looking for contacts
It gives you an unfair advantage over other out of towners
Connects you to mainstream and grassroots music community
Gives you commercial and college radio stations
It list California Record Pools and DJ Organizations
It list the major recording studios for all styles of music
It list major and independent record companies

Do you live in L.A.? You will learn about...
  • Big and boutique entertainment law firms
  • Music equipment and gear stores
  • Local graphic artist
  • Local printing companies for posters, flyers and t-shirts
  • Local music consultants
  • Local marketing and promotions companies for radio, street, retail & the Internet
Do you need a video?
Do you need a commercial?
Do you need footage of your live performance?
Have you thought about creating a DVD with backstage footage?

Sounds like you need a professional video production company for shooting and editing. The Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book list industry professionals that have the ability to shoot and edit your…
  • Music videos
  • TV. Commercials
  • Behind the scene footage
  • Recording live performances (shows)
  • Documentaries
  • Movies
Inside the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection, you'll find a list of music organizations for…
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Songwriters
  • Music publishers
  • Music educators
  • Music retailers
  • Jazz musicians
You'll find someone you need or someone who knows someone you need in the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book, the most complete resource and directory for the L.A. Music Scene, it also gives you useful tips on…

How to get a barcode for your music
How to get a parental advisory label
What to know before printing flyers, posters and inserts
Get a comprehensive list of digital distributors
Learn how to use record pools to test market your next hit
Get business cards printed for free
Reduce your marketing cost almost overnight guaranteed
Find out how to track and monitor radio airplay
Find out what a split sheet is and how it can save you from ($1,000’s to $1,000,000’s) of dollars
Get paid whenever your music is commercially played over a digital broadcast
Get a list of Georgia Music Distribution Companies
Getting your music into stores?
Use one-sheets to increase pre-order sells from retailers and distributors

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I wrote the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book for artists, producers, singers, songwriters, managers, publicists, bands, groups, major label interns, independent record company executives, talent showcase organizers and others actively involved or wanting to be involved in the Los Angeles Music Scene. I wanted to create a simple read. One that allowed the user to get the information they needed and keep moving. If you’re like me you want and need contacts quickly. You want a tool that is useful, one that you can refer to again and again. Well the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection is that tool. It is designed for you. With my 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you can’t loose. Sure, I could offer a lifetime money back guarantee, but truth be told most people that buy e-books don’t read them right away. I want you to read this book, right away, so you can take advantage of the contacts, resources, tips and steps I have assembled for you. I want you to find the music attorney, recording studio, retail store, music magazine, manufacturer, radio station, video production company, graphic artist, manager, record pool, music conference, talent showcase or open mic organizer that will help your business and career grow.

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